What are CPA,CPM,CPC ?




When you place an ad on your website you will get paid 3 ways.There are mainly three type of advertisers CPM(cost per impressions), CPC(cost per clicks) and CPA(cost per actions)


CPM-When a visitor view your site and see the ads which you have placed on your site it is considered as an impression.

If you have placed two ads in the same page you will get 2 impressions from one visitor.

You will get paid around 1-2 $ for 1000 impressions.{amount may vary for different advertisers}

(CPM)Cost Per Mille(Mille means thousand in Latin).

While RPM is the total revenue of thousand impressions CPM is the amount which the advertisers are willing to pay you.Eg:POPADS


CPC-The number of visitors who clicked on the ads.

some advertisers will not pay for clicks or impressions,they will only pay for actions.

Eg :CPC= 0.2$ for 1 click.

(CPC)Cost per click .eg: entireweb,viglink



CPA-Which means clicking on the ads ,leading to actions eg: registering on a site ,buying a product,installing an app.

while you use CPA(cost per action) advertisements you should select the right product which is related to topic of your blog and make sure visitors buys it.Otherwise there is no point of placing CPA advertisements because they will not pay for clicks or impressions.But its payout is higher than CPM and CPC advertisement.

Eg : some high paying webhosting program such as hostgator and Bluehost

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CPA -cost per action
CPC-cost per click
CPM- cost per mille
CPL- cost per lead
CTR-click through rate
RPM-revenue per mille
CPI- cost per install
CTA- cost to advertiser

Eg:RevenueHits,amazon ,

Blue host: host your website

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