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How to create a blog?

How to create a blog?

Blogging could be a passion or a profession. It could be a hobby or source of income. There are bloggers who even earns $30000 per month .Here is an example of shout me loud’s income report

Blog income

Blog income report

So it’s a very good way to earn money online.
Starting a website mainly requires two things domain and webhosting.

1. Choose the topic which you want to write about .

The topic which you choose must have high search volume and you should be passionate about that topic .you should write on a topic about which you have good knowledge.

You could start a food blog which talks about food recipes, a travel blog Fashion blog etc.

Writing on a particular topic is much better than writing on random topics.


2. Select domain

Domain is the address of your website.

Selecting domain is a very important step in blogging .Once you have started your blog and gained lot of followers then changing the domain name could badly affect the traffic of your blog.

So select a domain very carefully .Always pick a domain which ends in .com .

Pick a domain which is easy to remember, which is unique and short .

Selecting a domain is just like naming your company.its your brand name.

Blog domain

Blog domain

3. Buy webhosting

Webhosting makes the website available via internet. You cannot create a website without webhosting.

Select the best webhosting so that you won’t regret later.such as Bluehost.

Bluehost Webhosting will provide free domain and ssl certificate. Ssl certificate is an important ranking factor of your website.


4.Select a blogging platform

such as blogger or wordpress. WordPress is quite popular among the bloggers because of its advanced can install wordpress in bluehost easily.

5. Write your first blogpost

Always remember that the content is the king.content should be
Create an outline of the post which you are going to write about .

Write down the points first then expand it in to paragraph.

Blog post should contain a introduction body and conclusion. (You can also buy SEO blog posts from freelance servicers like Fiverr.)

6.SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO would increase the traffic to your website.You can use SEO tool such as Semrush which would track the rank of your website, suggest which keywords to use, suggest website from which you should create backlinks to improve traffic.


7. Monetize your blog

There are many ways to monetize your blog such as adsense or affiliate marketing.
Earnings from your affiliate programs would depend on the product which you choose.Some would give you low commisions while some others such as Webhosting affiliate will give you higher commissions such as $65 for a sign can use paypal or payoneer for receiving international payments.

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