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Different types of webhosting


Different types of Webhosting are:

  • FREE WEBHOSTING – Free webhosting has limited features ,This webhosting has no security your website could even get terminated at any time ,advertisements will be present, It will load the website very slowly (which could affect websites ranking).you can use it for creating websites for fun.

Eg: wix

  • SHARED WEBHOSTING – shared webhosting is recommended for beginners or for small businesses ,loading speed will be slow, you will be sharing the hosting with other users.


  • VPS- virtual private server) It is an advanced version of shared hosting .you can use it for mid type business .your website will have it’s own partition on the webserver. You get more control over your websites, more security and it will load faster than the shared hosting.


  • Dedicated hosting- Dedicated hosting is the king of the hill,you have entire webserver to yourself and you don’t share it with other users .It is recommended if you have high traffic websites or large business .It is the best webhosting and it will provide high security and will load very fast but it has very high cost .