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How to increase your website traffic with SEO?

Google consider about 200 factors to determine page ranking some of them are:Web hostingpayoneer sign up now

  • Mobile friendliness of your website
  • Keywords in title ,descriptions of the posts
  • Loading speed of website
  • SSL certificate (you can get free SSL certificte and good loading speed with webhosting such as bluehost )
  • Backlinks etc..

These factors are called SEO .If your site is perfect on all these factors it will appear in the front page of Google during the search and thus you will get lot of visitors. You can checkout SEO score of your website by using SEO grader tools such as Semrush .It will show the current SEO score of your website and will recommend the changes which you should make to improve the score.It will suggest keywords which you should use in your posts,backlinks to your website etc.There are mainly two types of SEO’sOn page SEO
Off page SEOSEMrushRapunzel children’s book