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On page SEO (9 tips for on page optimization)


As mentioned earlierthere are mainly two types of SEO
Off page SEO
On page SEO

  • Off page SEO include backlink building ,social Media sharing etc..
  • On page SEO include optimizing the page content such as using right keyword in the title ,description etc.

Lets talk about on page SEO

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On page SEO

Finding the right keyword
On page optimization begins with keyword research ( finding the right keyword).It is the first step of on page optimization.After finding the right keyword you can use it in the title ,description etc.

The targeted keyword should have

  • high search volume (it should be searched by many people) and
  • low competition

You can use tools such as SEMRUSH, or Google AdWords, to find the right keyword ,these tools will show the percentage of search volume and percentage of competition of a particular keyword

9 Steps of on page optimization

  1. After picking the right keyword you should use that keyword in the title of the post ,then wrap the title in the heading (H1) ,then use the targeted keyword in the subheading (H2) of the post. You should also use the targeted keyword in the first paragraph of the post ( first 100 words)


  • 2.Outbound links should be present in the post -An outbound link will direct your visitor to another website and will provide more information related to your topic ,you should create outbound link with website with high quality such as Wikipedia
  • 3.You should interlink the posts of your website with each other .Interlinking will make your visitor to go from one post to another post of your website and this will make the visitor stay in your website for a long time and will help to increase the page ranking include images or videos

,the images which you use should be compressed which would help to reduce the loading speed of your website.

You should give the file name for the image eg: for a Volvo car you can give file name volvo-car.jpg(use hyphen b/w words)

.Another important thing in image optimization is giving an alt tag (alternative text for the image)
Search engines can’t read image so it will read it as a blank space and this will affect the page ranking of your website. So giving an alt tag and file name is important.It will make the search engine understand that there is an image.

  • 6. Websites speed- loading speed of your website is one of the crucial factor of page ranking ,there is a chance of visitors leaving your site if it loads slow this will make Google to rank your website to lower.

To load your website faster you should use a good webhosting such as Bluehost

, a good webhosting is expensive but it worth it because a webhosting will automatically provide all those factors which your website need to rank higher such as SSL certificate ( which protects all the sensitive information of your visitors and Google does prefer a SSL certificate to rank higher) .

Webhosting also provide CDN (which would help to load the website fast


Having high taffic is very important to get approval from monetizing program such as Google AdSense

7. Your website should be mobile friendly – Mobile friendliness of the website is one of the most important factor of SEO .

8. Content should be very long – Posts with long content rank higher in the search engine than the short posts ,there should be 1000 words or more in each post.Many High paying affiliate programs consider length of the content as an important factor to give approval such as Google AdSense

9.Quality of the content- quality of the content is also an important factor of SEO ,content should be original and not copied, you should research on the topic and collect important data ,prepare an outline of the content before start writing. Content should include relevant points

Among the 200 factors of SEO each factor have it’s own importance. And combination of all these factors influence page ranking in Google.

here is a funny saying that

” if you want to hide a dead body ,you can hide it in the second page of Google search result ”

This indicates the importance of SEO and bringing website on the first page of google search results.

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SEO, increase traffic

How to increase your website traffic with SEO?

Google consider about 200 factors to determine page ranking some of them are:

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  • Mobile friendliness of your website
  • Keywords in title ,descriptions of the posts
  • Loading speed of website
  • SSL certificate (you can get free SSL certificte and good loading speed with webhosting such as bluehost )
  • Backlinks etc..

These factors are called SEO .If your site is perfect on all these factors it will appear in the front page of Google during the search and thus you will get lot of visitors.

You can checkout SEO score of your website by using SEO grader tools such as Semrush .It will show the current SEO score of your website and will recommend the changes which you should make to improve the score.It will suggest keywords which you should use in your posts,backlinks to your website etc.

There are mainly two types of SEO’s

On page SEO
Off page SEO


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how search engines work

How do search engines work?

How do search engine work?

Web search engines work by storing information in a large number of web pages, which they retrieve from the WWW itself.

These pages are retrieved by a web crawler (sometimes also known as a spider) — an automated web browser which follows every link it sees.

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The contents of each page are then analyzed by the search engines to determine how it should be indexed (for example, words are extracted from the titles, headings, or special fields called meta tags).

Data about web pages is stored in an index database for use in later queries.

So while writing a blog the visiblity of your blog will depend on the keywords which you use in the titles ,metatags and subheadings.


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Topic: How do search engines work?

types of webhosting, vps,shared,dedicated webhosting

Different types of webhosting


Different types of Webhosting are:

  • FREE WEBHOSTING – Free webhosting has limited features ,This webhosting has no security your website could even get terminated at any time ,advertisements will be present, It will load the website very slowly (which could affect websites ranking).you can use it for creating websites for fun.

Eg: wix

  • SHARED WEBHOSTING – shared webhosting is recommended for beginners or for small businesses ,loading speed will be slow, you will be sharing the hosting with other users.


  • VPS- virtual private server) It is an advanced version of shared hosting .you can use it for mid type business .your website will have it’s own partition on the webserver. You get more control over your websites, more security and it will load faster than the shared hosting.


  • Dedicated hosting- Dedicated hosting is the king of the hill,you have entire webserver to yourself and you don’t share it with other users .It is recommended if you have high traffic websites or large business .It is the best webhosting and it will provide high security and will load very fast but it has very high cost .


Google AdSense approval

How to get approval from Google AdSense

How to get approved on Google adsense

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a popular way to monetize your website ,But getting approval for AdSense is sometimes hard for newbies ,your site should be perfect according to Google adsense terms and conditions.

When you get approved you can copy paste their code and your site will start to display google ads ,you can select the color font etc of the ad yourself.They provide monthly payment between 21st and 26th of month eft payment and check payment are the available payment options.

  • To get Google adsense approval your site content should be unique and not copied and should have good quality ,your content should have 700 words or more.

[Content is critical to ad targeting because if the content is limited google crawlers may have difficulty in identifying the Information of the page and Google will show ads not relevant to the content ]

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  • Website should not have any adult content ,broken or malicious links and should have high traffic. ( It should be your own site and you should be above 18 years old).In some countries website should be 6 months old
  • ,you would get fast approval if you have a custom domain and good web hoster .such asBluehost or Hostgator
  • To get approved on Google AdSense you should create privacy policy page,disclaimer page ,contact us and about us page.To create these pages you can refer other website’s privacy policy page disclaimer page etc.There are lot of alternatives to google AdSense which will give instant approval such as Revenue hits

Apart from google adsense you can also monetize your website with high paying webhosting affiliate programs such as Bluehost which gives $65 per sign up.


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best webhosting 2018 bluehost

Best web hosting services 2018



is a highly recommended webhosting service ,It will provide free domain for an year .It is hosting about 2 million websites .Web hosting starts at $2.95/month and have 30 days of money back guarantee.It provides SSL certificate and Google gives ranking boost to site with SSL certificate .Blue host provide your site security from spams ,it is very fast and load your sites within seconds.You will get quick approval from monetizing programs such as Google AdSense with custom domain and hosting.


webhosting starting from $ 3.95/month It also provide money back guarantee.It provide shared hosting and cloud hosting

3. Hostgator

webhosting starting at 0.01$ for first month for and provides unlimited websites ,unlimited emails and disk space ,It has 24/7 award winning tech support ,It is mobile friendly ,It doesnt provides free domain.The company provides 45 days money back guarantee.


You can monetize your website with reputed companies such as viglink, revenue hits etc.

According to Google a website should be loaded within 3 seconds so that it could get more visitors, Free webhostingload the websites very slow and have many limitations such as limited bandwidth ,site will be loaded slowly ,no backup facility for your data,limited tools ,lack of security ,your site could even get suspended anytime. SEMrush

google webmaster, increase traffic

How to use Google Webmaster to Increase traffic



How to use google webmaster to increase traffic-

Optimization of website causes improving the chances of discoverability of your website.Google webmaster is a free tool for SEO(search engine optimization).

When you submit your site to google webmaster it will show all the SEO related data such as crawler errors, keyword, links present, whether your site is affected by malware or not. By submitting your site to webmaster it will get more exposure and traffic .And with high traffic you can easily get approval from monetizing programs such as Google AdSense.

To get more visitors you should make your website crawlable for the search engines and should use right words on the page which people would search for and write title and description of your website including the keywords.


You will have to submit your website’s sitemap to webmaster
To produce site map you should type http://www.your website
Even though “the content is the King”, SEO is much more important ,content with good quality doesn’t matter if your website is not visible to the people who searches it.
Other than google webmaster You can also submit your website to bing webmaster (yahoo),yandex etc.

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1.High paying affiliate programs of webhosting


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High paying web hosting affiliate programs.

High paying hosting affiliate marketers host webhosting

It is a website hosting company which will provide $65 for each referral or signup.It will provide instant approval .You can select banners or links from their site and place it on your site when some one signup through that link you will get paid $65 ,Blue host payment is done monthly via PayPal.You will have to fill a w-8 form after signup for tax purpose in this webhosting program.

2.Inmotion webhosting

This hosting affiliate program will give $50 for each referral
Which is a quality company from where you can make out standing commission. You just have to sign up for an affiliate account and place their banners or links on your site.


3.Dreamhost webhosting

Signup with dreamhost affiliate and make money online, they will provide $97 for each referrals and they will provide $50 for in addition to regular commission for every 5 referrals a month .payment is done via PayPal ,cheque or hosting credit.

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Monetize your website

1.Revenue hits ,


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useful websites

5 Useful Websites

Some of the useful websites
1.Pocket Make money online

With this you can save articles and videos from internet. And you can read it later offline. With pocket all your selected contents will go to one place and you can view them without an internet connection.

2.Pexels Make money online

This site provides copyright free images ,which are free for commercial use and dont even need any attribution . Its pictures can be used anywhere you like .

3.Polish my writing Make money online
After finish writing an article or essay you can quickly check grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes in this site within minutes .It will suggest right grammar.


4.Google Trends Make money online
Where you can see what the world is searching. It shows the most searched terms trending searches,It will also show the countries searching the term and will show related terms and their percentage.

5.Scam Adviser Make money o
With scam adviser you can check trustworthy of a site whether the site is a spam or not,It will give all informations about a website such as website value ,rank of website, details of the websites owner

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2.Earn money online VIGLINK

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What are CPA,CPM,CPC ?




When you place an ad on your website you will get paid 3 ways.There are mainly three type of advertisers CPM(cost per impressions), CPC(cost per clicks) and CPA(cost per actions)


CPM-When a visitor view your site and see the ads which you have placed on your site it is considered as an impression.

If you have placed two ads in the same page you will get 2 impressions from one visitor.

You will get paid around 1-2 $ for 1000 impressions.{amount may vary for different advertisers}

(CPM)Cost Per Mille(Mille means thousand in Latin).

While RPM is the total revenue of thousand impressions CPM is the amount which the advertisers are willing to pay you.Eg:POPADS


CPC-The number of visitors who clicked on the ads.

some advertisers will not pay for clicks or impressions,they will only pay for actions.

Eg :CPC= 0.2$ for 1 click.

(CPC)Cost per click .eg: entireweb,viglink



CPA-Which means clicking on the ads ,leading to actions eg: registering on a site ,buying a product,installing an app.

while you use CPA(cost per action) advertisements you should select the right product which is related to topic of your blog and make sure visitors buys it.Otherwise there is no point of placing CPA advertisements because they will not pay for clicks or impressions.But its payout is higher than CPM and CPC advertisement.

Eg : some high paying webhosting program such as hostgator and Bluehost

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CPA -cost per action
CPC-cost per click
CPM- cost per mille
CPL- cost per lead
CTR-click through rate
RPM-revenue per mille
CPI- cost per install
CTA- cost to advertiser

Eg:RevenueHits,amazon ,

Blue host: host your website

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